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2007 – BengalWorks, LLC was founded.

Todd Itami a college student at Idaho State University pulled open his computer and began BengalWorks as a print broker. He would design everything himself and then send all of the printing out to be printed. A good start to a pretty awesome thing to come.

2009 – BengalWorks, LLC gets a new owner.

Kendall Johnson with the help of Todd Itami takes over BengalWorks. Todd leaves for Law school and Kendall pulls in his wife’s photography business to help aid in some small growth. Wedding announcements are a big part of BengalWorks at this time. Kendall picks up some new local business, and BengalWorks has some additional growth.

2011 – BengalWorks, LLC gets yet another new owner.

Shiloh Armstrong purchases BengalWorks from Kendall Johnson. Kendall leaves for medical school. This is where it really starts. In 2010 sales for BengalWorks were $24,000, not bad for a college student doing it part time. With an Ikea desk, a 6 year old mac, and a 300 sq. ft. office the dream begins for Shiloh. In the first 9 months BengalWorks does over $90,000 in sales.

2012 – Time for a new place

BengalWorks has grown out of the 300 sq ft office, and moves into a 1300 sq. ft. office. By this time Shiloh and his wife are thinking that there is now way they will grow out of this space. Vinyl decals have become a large part of the business, and selling laptop decals online has started to become pretty popular.

2013 – First Printer Purchase

Shiloh attends a vehicle wrapping class after watching a video on YouTube. While there he decides it is time to take a big leap and buy a large format printer. This is the first printing that BengalWorks will print inhouse. Major learning curves begin

2014 – First Employees and more space

After having a pretty good year it is decided that employees would be necessary to keep up with the incoming workload, and allow for continued growth. Two employess are hired, a graphic designer, and a web/production guy. Money was tight, so it was yet another big decision. At the end of the year it is decided that BengalWorks needed to start doing its own screen printing. A press is purchased, and another 1500 sq. ft. building is rented.

2015 – Apple Inc. & 12,000 sq. ft.

After 3 years and over 6000 sales, Apple Inc. features 9 laptop decals created by BengalWorks in an ad campaign for their new Macbook Air. Another good year makes it evident that the current two locations aren’t going to work. Extensive searching begins and a new location is found. In October BengalWorks is moved into a facility that will accommodate more growth. The new 12,000 sq. ft. facility is perfect for bringing everything under one roof, there is still remodeling that needs to be done, but it is the facility BengalWorks has been looking for.

2016 – The Face Lift

The building sales is all finalized, and the remodel of the new location is completed. BengalWorks has a new location to showcase everything they can do in fun and unique ways. A new clothing line is created and launched at the end of the year.

Our Mission Statement

We are different and we know it. We choose to be that way. Our uniqueness allows us to do things others cannot. With high standards of quality, we constantly push ourselves to be cutting edge and this allows us to take pride in our work. In our efforts to become the best we will always work as a team. We will never be afraid to get our hands dirty in order to produce the highest quality in a timely manner.